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Living and Coping with Eco-Anxiety


If you’re continually or regularly anxious about the your future due to climate change and environment, this may be relieved by following some of the actions proposed on our How to Alleviate Eco-Anxiety page.  You’re probably right to be anxious, but if anxiety is reducing your ability to be healthy and productive, then action should be taken, to do something about it.

Sometimes taking our own action isn’t enough.  If anxiousness continues to hinder our daily lives, there are some very helpful people and organisations which can support us to get back into more productive and healthy ways.  Below are some of the organisations which we’ve found, or which have been recommended to us.  If you know of others, in your own country or locality, please let us know on hello@ecoanxiety.com , or complete the ‘Suggest an entry’ form opposite, and we’ll add your suggestion to this Help page!

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    The Ecopsychology Institute of Hungary, including information (mostly in Hungarian language) on conferences, presentations, forest-bathing events, counselling, summer camps and other events.


    The Ecopsychology & Ecotherapy Association of Ireland, a non-profit association of people with a love of nature, a shared passion for eco-sustainability and its relationship with psychological well-being.  Listing 10 or more ecotherapy practitioners in Ireland on its ‘find a practitioner‘ page.


    The Italian School of Ecopsychology – la prima realtà italiana interamente dedicata alla divulgazione, insegnamento e applicazione dell’Ecopsicologia.

    South Africa

    Caroll Hermann believes that healing and nature walk hand-in-hand.  She has a D Phil in Psychology with the theme ‘Integral ecopsychological investigation of Bonsai principles, meaning and healing’.  Based in Mtunzini.

    United Kingdom

    Childline, free helpline, 08001111, if you’re under 19.  You can confidentially call, email or chat online about anxiety.

    Nopanic, youth helpline, 03306061174, if you’re aged between 13 and 20 and need help or someone to talk to about eco-anxiety, trained help-liners are waiting to take your call.

    The Mix, freephone 08088084994, if you’re under 25 years old.  “The UK’s leading support service for young people, here to help you take on any challenge you’re facing.  Talk to us via online, social or our free, confidential helpline.”

    Youngminds, leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges.

    United States

    Climate Anxiety Counseling, Kate Schapira of the Climate Anxiety Project sets up a counseling booth (in the style of Lucy from Peanuts) in a city square, invites people to come and talk to her, and finds creative ways to respond. 

    Climate Psychology Alliance, providing news and information about the reality of climate anxiety and eco-anxiety.  Also provides a full ‘Handbook’ on climate psychology.

    Environmental Health Clinic, New York University, considers a person’s overall health as dependent on their environment.  It prescribes not medicines but actions, and ‘referals’ to local participatory projects which promote social and environmental change. 

    The Good Grief Network, outlines 10 steps to personal resilience and empowerment in a chaotic climate, while strengthening community ties to combat despair, inaction, and eco-anxiety.